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Phil Turk Band: You and I Are Brave

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You and I Are Brave

by Phil Turk Band

Released 2014
Released 2014
This music takes the listener on a lyrical journey through the beauty and joy of life, along with some of its inevitable difficulties, interwoven through a tapestry of pop and rock influenced by the singer-songwriter genre.
You and I are Brave marks the inaugural solo effort of Phil Turk after a lengthy hiatus from music. Turk had notably played in a hard rock band in Chicago before going on to obtain his PhD in Statistics and subsequently becoming a professor, teaching at Colorado State University this fall.

While writing the songs for the CD, Turk met Duncan Lorimer, an astrophysics professor at West Virginia University (WVU) hailing from the UK, who currently is in several local jazz and folk bands. Lorimer introduced Turk to Mark Poole, owner of Zone 8 Recording in Morgantown, WV and, at the beginning of this year, Turk began recording tracks for the CD.

Shortly thereafter, through Lorimer and Poole, two other musicians agreed to help Turk complete the CD. Chris Audia is an experienced studio and session drummer living in Bridgeport, WV with a long history of playing with different local and national acts. Juliana Yap, a keyboard player born in Indonesia, is a piano senior faculty member in the WVU Community Music Program and an adjunct piano professor at Washington and Jefferson College who has played internationally and received awards.

To round out the project, Turk asked several music students from WVU and local musicians to contribute arrangements for certain songs. Notably, this includes the acclaimed flutist and recording artist, WVU's Nina Assimakopoulos. You and I are Brave also includes a song that Turk wrote and sings in Chinese.