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Several years ago, a friend asked me how she would know when she met the person she should marry.  Charged with answering this daunting question, I set out to give my answer in the form of song.  Humbly and honestly, as a function of my own pleasure and pain, my attempt at a love song, right alongside thousands of other attempts, is entitled “Flow Like a River.”  I’ve said before, I write songs about life, friends, and experiences.  I don’t pretend to be a sage and I can't say if this particular song is any good or not but at least I can say it comes from my heart.  It is my favorite song on the CD I released last year (“You and I are Brave”).  Whereas I’ve harbored a dream about making a music video, this song was always my only real choice.     

Some people have told me this song has touched them.  I think back to playing this song for Bingbing Xue on the banks of the Mon River as the sun came up over the West Virginia mountains one spring morning.  I think back to standing with Mike Saad in a Washington, DC subway station playing this song on a dare to all the passers-by.  Or singing my heart out in a cheap Route 66 hotel room in Taos, New Mexico one evening with several of my international friends shortly before they would have to leave the US.  But most of all I remember when I played this song for “a friend” down on a beach in Ocracoke Island and thanking her for being the inspiration behind its message.  Many songs I have written, played for a while, and then shelved but this one is different.  As I have grown older, my observations in life have fortified my belief in its words and I will always stand firmly behind them.

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