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CSU has this cool group called the Young Producers Organization (http://www.theatre.colostate.edu/ypo/ypo) that puts on shows from time-to-time.  Last night, I had the great pleasure of participating in one of their events.  It was hosted at a local, roomy coffee shop.  I had a rough day "at the office" and singing a few tunes on my guitar was the perfect antidote to cure my malaise.  This was a very intimate setting, almost intimidating actually.  People were pressed up right to the area where you play, lounging in chairs and couches, and gathered up on a balcony looking down on you.  It was Halloween and downtown Fort Collins was packed with people dressed up in costumes.  I am proud to say that I played my first show ever where a man dressed as a giant chicken was in the front row ...    

Head on over to the Press menu to see today's interview with The Rocky Mountain Collegian. Some errata in here but nevertheless appreciate this a lot! And thanks to Juliana Yap, Duncan Lorimer, and Qiuchen Li for the kind comments :) 

Fall is definitely coming to the Rockies.  The leaves are changing color and mornings now find me putting on a lightweight down jacket.  

Had a fun time last night strumming my guitar at Avo's.  The first song (Flow Like a River) was dedicated to the wonderful and talented Juliana Yap, who handled all the keyboards and piano on the CD.  She's getting engaged!  

Fort Collins has a really cool music scene, especially for a city its size.  Lots of good musicians in this part of the country.  Hope to meet a few soon and put together a band; let's do it! :)



Last night was chilly so I played inside.  Autumn is definitely coming to Fort Collins, Colorado.  Midway through the songs, I like to promote the CD.  However, this time a sudden impulse hit me and I gave a free copy away to the first person to come up to the stage.  Kinda' cool actually!  As I said, I really appreciate those who came out to Avogadro's on a Tuesday night.     

What a nice place to play!  Avogadro's Number, or "Avo's" for short, has quite a reputation in the surprisingly vibrant Fort Collins music scene so I was looking forward to this set.  Tonight was a beautiful Colorado evening so they opened up the outside stage in the back.  PA system was great and I could actually hear myself through the stage monitors, crisp and clear.  Looking forward to playing here again soon.    

Tonight was the second time I have played here since I moved to Fort Collins.  Guitar sounds rich and resonant in the PA system.  Bigger and more animated crowd than last time.  There is nothing better in the world to see a smile on someone's face and their head nod when I'm playing a song.  Move forward … have faith.    

Enjoyed this rainy night playing at The Astoria Bar in Fort Collins, CO.  Nice PA, friendly crowd, and neat atmosphere.  Looking forward to playing here again :)   

Advanced copies of You and I are Brave are shipping as of this week!  To those who attended the CD release party in Morgantown, WV on June 14th, you should receive your copies in the next few days.  Thanks for your patience :)

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