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Happy 2016, everyone!  Progress has been slow but steady on writing material for the next CD.  Overall, I am really happy with the songs I have so far.  It will definitely be a different style than "You and I are Brave", but still in the singer-songwriter genre.  Over the next several months, I am going to start playing some of the new material in some shows around Fort Collins.  I'll keep my calendar updated and if you happen to be in the area, then please stop by and say hello to me :)   

I want to thank Colorado State University’s Student Video Productions for putting together a great-looking, professional video; specifically, Kelsey Peterson, Blake Jarvis, and especially Eli Portell and Dan Kanefsky. It is not easy trudging around in rivers and the snow when it is cold and dark, much less sitting in front of a computer for hours editing film. A warm thanks goes out to the beautiful Alyona Gemeleva for agreeing to take center stage in the video and being so easy to work with. A big heartfelt thanks go out to the musicians who made this happen; namely, Duncan Lorimer, Juliana Yap, Chris Audia, Esta Hill, and Yanling Yue. I will think of you every time I hear the tones of Yanling’s beautiful hulusi call out in the song. Mark Poole made all this music happen through his engineering artistry at his Zone 8 Recording Studio back in West Virginia. Lastly, I want to thank my friends and cosmic family who, knowingly or unknowingly, gave me the positive energy to realize my dream.

If you like what you heard and want a free copy of the “You and I are Brave” CD, then email me with your name and address at philip.turk@gmail.com and I’ll be sure to get that to you right away.

Every person we meet, every experience we have is an opportunity to grow and move forward with faith. This video is dedicated to all of you who listen, to all of us that are brave … long live love.

Several years ago, a friend asked me how she would know when she met the person she should marry.  Charged with answering this daunting question, I set out to give my answer in the form of song.  Humbly and honestly, as a function of my own pleasure and pain, my attempt at a love song, right alongside thousands of other attempts, is entitled “Flow Like a River.”  I’ve said before, I write songs about life, friends, and experiences.  I don’t pretend to be a sage and I can't say if this particular song is any good or not but at least I can say it comes from my heart.  It is my favorite song on the CD I released last year (“You and I are Brave”).  Whereas I’ve harbored a dream about making a music video, this song was always my only real choice.     

Some people have told me this song has touched them.  I think back to playing this song for Bingbing Xue on the banks of the Mon River as the sun came up over the West Virginia mountains one spring morning.  I think back to standing with Mike Saad in a Washington, DC subway station playing this song on a dare to all the passers-by.  Or singing my heart out in a cheap Route 66 hotel room in Taos, New Mexico one evening with several of my international friends shortly before they would have to leave the US.  But most of all I remember when I played this song for “a friend” down on a beach in Ocracoke Island and thanking her for being the inspiration behind its message.  Many songs I have written, played for a while, and then shelved but this one is different.  As I have grown older, my observations in life have fortified my belief in its words and I will always stand firmly behind them.

I am happy to announce we are through the first few rough drafts of the upcoming Phil Turk Band music video. I must say it is looking good; the SVP folks have done a great job in the film room and Alyona Gemeleva looks like a million dollars. I cannot wait to share it with you all. 

For those of you that might not know this, Fort Collins has a rich, vibrant music scene especially for a city its size.  This weekend marks the FoCoMX music festival, where over 200 bands will descend upon the city, across 20 venues for two nights.  Therefore, last night downtown Fort Collins was filled with people attending the festival.  I had the good fortune of playing a few songs at the Bean Cycle Roasters for the Young Producers Organization showcase.  Unfortunately, it was a rough go as the PA kept cutting in and out.  Disconcerting but I managed to keep playing and plow through it.  

I wish all of you the best!


The turnout for last night's open mic was a bit thin due to the really cold winter weather we've been having recently.  Nevertheless, I had a good time as I always do at the Young Producers Organization events.  I learned about a couple of big music shows that will be happening around Fort Collins this year so I will be busy over the next few days trying to see what those are about.  I also had a chance to meet several local CSU students and chat with them.  One thing I always appreciate about university students is their hopeful optimism and all the high-energy they bring to the world.    

Last Sunday, the annual Chinese New Year show put on by the Confucius Institute at CSU was held at the beautiful Lincoln Center in downtown Fort Collins.  Chuchang Chiu got the ball rolling, gathering several local musicians to play an ensemble of songs representing the CSU Chinese Club.  They were Yue Wu (piano), Eric Campbell, Anna Isernia, and Demery         



I had a wonderful time last night playing at the Young Producers Organization show night.  There were a lot of people there and I really love the intimate setting of this venue, playing right alongside everybody.  However, what was best of all was unbeknownst to me a bunch of my friends showed up clapping and yelling and with big signs!  I was so surprised, almost embarrassed, and really touched by this.  It made for a real special evening.  You cannot put a price tag on friendships.  To me, it is one of the ultimate sources of positive energy.  May the Universe bless you ...            

It was my first time of 2015 playing out last night.  I fought some technical issues with my new Fishman acoustic guitar amp.  (Playing live is *so* different from practicing in your home or a studio.)  Recently, I have been writing more material so I got a chance to throw a new song out there.  Funny thing happened … no sooner did I step off the stage, then a former Northern Arizona student from 8 years ago came up to me to say "hi".  We were both equally surprised :)            

Gear does not make the musician but ...



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